Afghan Raiders - Admiral’s Doorbell MP3 And Review

Afghan Raiders - Admiral's DoorbellEvery now and then I leave mi casa. Generally it’s to eat, get a little exercise, pick fights with senior citizens, or to listen to a little music. After getting word that Mikey and Beans of the Afghan Raiders were having a release party for Admiral’s Doorbell at the Beauty Bar, I knew that a trip outside of my neighborhood was a must. Upon entering the Beauty Bar, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The bar was packed wall to wall with people. While it would have been easy to assume that the drink specials were responsible for this, it was apparent once the Afghan Raiders took the stage, that these people were here for them.

As the room slowly filled with fog, multi-colored lights began flickering and a low bass drone made the room rumble. The anticipation was immense. The duo stood in stone like silence as high pitched squeals pierced my ears, and within the blink of an eye, these meditating Moog masters sprung into action. The bass pounded and the synchronized headbanging would have left Slayer in a state of awe. Mikey finally stepped up to clutch the mic, and his melodic wailing rounded out the sound that makes the Afghan Raiders stand out from the pack.

The adrenaline pumping 35 minute set provided it all: A semi-synchronized light show, mood setting fog, the push and pull of a packed house, a balloon release, a man dancing with a tambourine on his head, and two musicians that left a large crowd of music lovers chanting for more.

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Download:Afghan Raiders - “Admiral’s Doorbell”

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